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Bankruptcy | Driver’s license back Memphis, TN

If you have lost your license because of Memphis traffic tickets or from an accident; we can help. Stop searching, ‘How to get my license back’ and find out how filing bankruptcy in Memphis, TN can get your license reinstated. Call Arthur Ray Bankruptcy Attorney Memphis, TN (901) 492-1002. We can answer all of your questions about filing Chapter 7 or filing Chapter 13
Bankruptcy in Memphis.

To see what you need to do to get your revoked license back you can call this number:
Toll free 1-866-903-7357

You can also go to this site:

A bankruptcy can help your get your driver’s license back if you have traffic tickets or have been in an accident.

If you had your license revoked on a claim for damages resulting from an accident (T.C.A. 55-12-108) you might want to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy or if a large amount of damages is being claimed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy (if qualified).

Once the bankruptcy is filed, you can take the bankruptcy petition and proof of SR-22 insurance to the TN Dept. of Safety and pay any reinstatement fee and/or licensing fee to have your license reinstated. If you have your license revoked because you have one or more unpaid traffic tickets you may want to file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and pay the tickets off under the Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan.

Please bring a complete list of all your tickets and the amounts owed to our office. Once the bankruptcy is filed, you can take the bankruptcy petition, with a listing of your tickets, to the court(s) which issued the tickets to obtain a release from the court. The release can then be taken to the TN Dept. of Safety and you can pay any reinstatement fees and/or licensing fees to have your license reinstated.

Reinstatement fees vary and are calculated based upon the reason for revocation. You can go to this site to determine and/or pay your reinstatement fees: https://dl.safety.tn.gov/_/
Licensing fees usually range from $12.50-$25.50. However, they may also vary depending upon your particular circumstances.

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